The Caterpillar Before The Butterfly

We always make sure to purchase conflict free, ethically sourced diamonds. Since we are located in the heart of trusted diamonds mines and markets, we tender buy our rough stones in bulks with eyes closed. Our main clients vary between Africa, Russia and Brazil.

*We focus on buying white and colored diamonds that are at least 1 carat.
In this part of the process, stones collected are strictly inspected and sorted by quality control officers. These stones are selected based on their type and alignment with our high quality standards, meaning that they undergo a detailed examination during which our experts visualize every stone final appearance. Based on the simulated results, certain up-to-the-challenge stones are favored to begin their path to luxury. Following this criteria study, the cutting process begins and stones are shaped, formed as well as glammed to turn into valuable diamonds. In this stage, the most technologically advanced equipment is used.
In addition, it is worth mentioning that every baby of our collections is traceable. In fact, we offer you our products with a full meticulous monitoring record of its origin and transformation.

Every stone is handled carefully. It is a subject that is meticulously studied and researched to form the best possible shape. Even after the different stages of polishing, the outcome is scrupulously reviewed before being delivered to our clients. We try to constantly develop the finest cuts and to ensure value added assortments transcending our standards in order to push our in-house talents further into designing even better and more spectacular diamonds.

Every caterpillar requests a safe environment to grow and thrive as a butterfly. With the cocoons and care we offer, our caterpillars become formidable unrivaled butterflies.

Being among the most high-end and elegant diamonds manufacturers in the world is an ongoing challenge that we need to keep up with on a daily basis. Our precision, expertise and punctuality allow us to provide the utmost complicated and detailed orders and keep us at the top.

What distinguishes us from others is the fact that we polish with passion leading to perfect samples and product differentiation. At Mega Gems, we are incredibly driven by enthusiasm creating the most beautiful and outstanding stones ever polished. We widen our sense of imagination by rendering all our ideas concrete.

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