We do not think as a company. We think as individuals affecting the world, impacting nature and working hard for a living. At Mega Gems, we are a family that works together for a better tomorrow, a better world.
Ethical labor is the key factor keeping us strong, pushing us to a leading position and boosting our status on the market. We follow the uppermost standards of quality and employment and base all our actions on sustainability.
We believe that our family becomes invincible with its variety, that’s why not only do we employ men but also women as polishers for example. As well, we encourage black empowerment which gathers today 80% of our family.
Equally, we have a deep sense of commitment towards our employees, clients, suppliers as well as nature. Nowadays, amidst the new threats from synthetics facing the industry, Mega Gems stands tall and fights hard to overcome them all through its environment friendly techniques.
On a 6-monthly basis, we take part in several charity programs. An example would be using the proceeds of the factory to distribute blankets and food for the homeless as well as building houses for them.

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